Blockades protect mental injuries. However, they hinder vital energies. When the injuries are resol-ved, the blockages can go. Subtle energies flow unhindered again. On the one hand, this promotes health, on the other hand, mental resources that were thought to be lost are regenerated, e.g. pure love, inner peace, abundance, serenity, contentment and happiness.


Prinzipien of action

Consciousness (the soul) is at the top of the levels of human creation. It is followed by the subtle level, which in turn determines the state of the physical body. If we free the consciousness from injuries, obstructive beliefs and attitudes, both subtle energy blockages and physical problems are released as a result. However, injuries and blockages can be so entangled that they cannot be grasped with a change of consciousness alone. The methods described below can help here.


Target groups

In the last twenty years, I have been particularly interested in solving spiritual transformational blockages (see my lectures, texts and meditations here on this homepage). However, my offer is open to all interested people.




1. PSYCHOSOMATIC ENERGETICS according to Dr. Banis


The advantage of psychosomatic energetics is its thoroughness. Dr. Banis has found a total of 28 conflicts (trauma themes). They each dock onto a specific chakra. Normally only one conflict is ac-tive at a time. This means that the corresponding chakra is more or less blocked. First an energy check is made, then the currently blocked chakra is tested. Then the underlying conflict (the mental injury) is diagnosed, e.g. the so-called anger conflict in the third chakra. Now the magnitude of the conflict is determined. The resolution of the conflicts and blockages is done e.g. with quantum hea-ling, Reiki, EMDR or one of the methods described here. I usually combine different methods and finally proceed with those that have the greatest effect. For each theme we need about three appli-cations. After each application, the energetic progress is measured. The next conflict emerges when the previous one is resolved. Individuals can have two to seven conflict blockages of different sizes. 

The following applies to all of the methods described here: Conflicts, blockages and related be-liefs do not only settle in the soul, in the subconscious, in the chakras and in the subtle body; they also manifest in the neurological synapses, in the cells and in the changeable (!) DNA. All levels are to be reached during the dissolution. After the energetic dissolution, new information is integrated into the places that have become free. In order for this to be consolidated and automated in real life, powerful, positive and attractive goals are needed. This sums up my manifestation theorem: "Creation is the mental-emotional anticipation of a desired reality". The more I can feel the desired goal already now, the more likely I am to attract it. 


2. THE EMOTION CODE according to Dr. Nelson


Here too, emotional or health problems are based on suppressed mental conflicts. In a quick pro-cedure, the underlying theme of the problem is identified kinesiologically from among about sixty themes. The resolution succeeds very quickly (see Nelson's YouTube films). 


Two specialities of this method are worth mentioning, namely the dissolution of particularly intense injuries in the so-called "heart wall" and the emotional patterns inherited from ancestors. The num-ber and intensity of the emotions to be released vary from person to person, there can be up to five or more, which are not treated all at once, but gradually, as in psychosomatic energetics.   




Here the initial focus is not on the problem (diagnosis) but on the desired goal. This is based on the idea that all souls (persons) originally came onto the earth stage with divine qualities, because God really didn't mess up anyone`s creationAs a result of long interactions, we have increasingly hurt ourselves and others because of "entropy". The law of entropy means that everything in the physi-cal world goes from new to old, the house used to be new and becomes old, etc. Therefore, our ori-ginal positive qualities have also more or less turned into negative tendencies; love has become attachment, peace has become stress and joy has become depression. Protective energy blocka-ges have been placed over the injuries, and these impede - as described above - the healthy flow of energy.


This downward trend must now be reversed into the positive by connecting with the divine quantum field. All desirable information is potentially available in the field. With human consciousness, it can be shaped and accessed as needed. This is not an esoteric concept, but quantum physics. On a global level, this is described in more detail in my YouTube lecture "Creation in connection with the quantum field":


For the impulse to heal, one needs access to the quantum field. My access is SILENCE, absolute silence up to NOTHING, because the quantum field is quasi empty silence - and yet the field para-doxically contains all potentials of creation information. During the treatment, the client is automati-cally in my energy field without having to be in deep silence and close to me himself. Then the cli-ent names his previously noted target information and together we mentally transfer it into his per-sonal energy field, e.g. inner stability, abundance and/or a healthy spine. Then the transferred infor-mation begins to work - like a scanner. During the scan through the subtle and gross material body, the negative beliefs and emotions and consequently also the energy blockages are dissolved and replaced by the new, healthy energy information. Several passes with new information are possible.


During my many years of "resource-oriented curative education" I was able to see miraculous suc-cesses with similar methods. Therapyresistant students who usually had no prospect of normal schooling could be released into their regular school as cured after one or two years. In “The World Renewal” Dec 2018, page 30 – 33 you can read about my experience in a report entitled: “Practical application of meditation (Rajyoga) in professional and private life.”


All my methods work just as well via the internet as they do when you meet in person. For bookings for methods 1-3 please contact me directly at The price is 150 Euros for 3 x 40 minute sessions.


4. INSTANT CHANGE - according to Daniel Weinstock


This method is also about the dissolution of obstructive beliefs in the subconscious, the dissolution of negative emotions as well as subtle energy blockages and consequently also the solution of psy-chosomatic illnesses. INSTANT CHANGE also reaches all the memory levels mentioned under 1 simultaneously, quickly and sustainably. Since the blockages hinder the flow of energy, psychoso-matic illnesses can also arise from them. Once the emotional injuries, which act like "glue", have been dissolved, the protective blockages become superfluous and fall away. The life energies can now flow unhindered again. Negative beliefs and other misinformation dissolve and are replaced by constructive ones. Psychosomatic illnesses also go away.  


"HOW DO YOU WANT IT?" is the goal-oriented initial question. The desired goals can be supple-mented by several of the 120 ICM programmes. They include mental and physical health compo-nents.  

Instant Change is about three main steps: 1. connect, 2. delete, 3. inform. The first step (connect) means the connection with the desired target, which is stored in the quantum field. The quantum information is mentally imported into the personal energy field, which can be imagined, for example as a large subtle light sphere above the client's head. The sphere of light with the information is then imagined to pass slowly through the body from top to bottom. If there is resistance/blockages, the underlying emotions are dissolved. The blockages are no longer needed, they are now allowed to go (delete). Previously blocked energies can flow again. The new, desired information (inform) immediately takes its place in the places that have become free. These should be felt as intensively as possible NOW, because the felt "actual state" attracts - as already mentioned - the desired event, it manifests according to my manifestation theorem: "Creation is the mental-emotional antici-pation of a reality.”


Finally, mutual perceptions are discussed. If the person being treated rates his or her state of health on a scale of 1 to 10 at the beginning and at the end, then it becomes apparent whether there is still a need for further applications, possibly with additional information and goals. During the se-cond and third application, any remaining residues are clarified. The positive effect is usually imme-diately noticeable for the clients, but sometimes only after days, rarely after weeks. A lot can be achieved with a small amount of time.


The method works just as well via the internet, e.g. Zoom, as meeting in person. Booking for appli-cations is done via the Digistore system. Then we connect for appointments for three dates. Here is the booking link for applications:

If you are interested I will send more links for training or book orders. Further information is available on the INSTANT-CHANGE homepage. I look forward to hearing from you.